The CCEDC engages in a number of different works to promote economic well-being and improve quality of life in the Copper Corridor.

Tourism Development & Marketing

Tourism continues to be one of the main focus areas for the CCEDC. To ensure that the needs and voices of the entire region are heard, the CCEDC Executive Director conducts three to  five meetings per year of the regional tourism team.  The Tourism Team consists of representatives from each of the following communities: Winkelman, Kearny, Mammoth, Oracle, Superior, Globe, Miami, San Carlos, San Manuel and Mammoth. 2019-20 Focus Area includes:

  • Assisting with the creation of brochures and rack cards for the smaller communities in the region.
  • Attending a minimum of four Winter Visitor Parks to present on things to do in the Copper Corridor to winter visitors.
  • Support and promote the overall tourism branding and marketing of both Pinal County and Explore Gila County activities.
  • Purchase advertising through the Arizona Office of Tourism Co-Op Marketing Program, local publications including the Pinal Nugget, Copper Corridor Gateway and Golden Corridor Magazine.
  • Develop and purchase promotional swag and promotional materials to promote the entire Copper Corridor region using the recently commissioned Copper Corridor tourism logo.
  • Attend the Great Canadian Picnic to promote the Copper Corridor communities and attractions
  • Maintain and upgrade the Discover Copper Corridor tourism website and social media

See the Copper Corridor Tourism Study on actions taken to promote tourism and potential for the area.

Copper Communities Supplier Portal

The Copper Communities Supplier Portal is a web-based business directory and business connection service website which connects local merchants, service providers, retailers and service providers with procurement staff at Resolution Copper. One of the primary goals of this project is to have the other local mines and local governments using this site to source their goods and services.

Resolution Copper has funded the first two phases of this project, which included the development of the website, education and basic site maintenance  The Supplier Portal is in it’s second year of development and we have added additional education, marketing and outreach services.  Visit it at Copper Communities Supplier Source.

Copper Communities Food Hub – Local Food Development

The CCEDC is working to help Copper Corridor residents have additional local options both in small-scale agricultural income generation and the ability to buy locally produced groceries. This program has transitioned from a study project to an implementation program.  The goals of this program is to connect local food growers and culinary artisans to the local marketplace and create additional access to fresh foods to local residents. 2019-2020 focus areas include:

  • Increasing the number of food producer and food artisans actively participating in the food hub
  • Host at least two educational events on food production and food marketing
  • Develop additional funding and strategic partners for this program
  • Promote, host and expand the “Farm to Fantastic Farmers Market” in Superior, Dudleyville and throughout the Copper Corridor.
  • Continue to be a food industry resource for local growers and food artisans.

See the Copper Communities Local Food Development Business Plan

See the Copper Communities Local Food Toolkit on “connecting our food growers and artisans to grow a strong economy and health community.” It defines a food hub and shows both resources and how to participate as a producer and as a consumer.

See also the Copper Communities Food Hub Facebook page.

Housing & Blight Remediation

Housing repairs and Blight Mitigation are two areas that the CCEDC has found a successful niche to support the Copper Corridor region.  The CCEDC fully anticipates maintaining this program. Focus Areas include:

  • Maintain a contractor liaison to work directly with local residents & USDA to process 504 Housing repair applications and loans.
  • Connecting local communities to additional resources to combat blight and support housing rehab services.
  • Develop and maintain a listing of local contractors and vendors that are available to work on homes.This helps to keep this funding local.

Support to Low Income Seniors for USDA Grants & Loans

The Copper Corridor Economic Development Coalition provides support to low-income seniors in the Copper Corridor communities to first, help them see if they appear to qualify for USDA 504 grants and loans. If they appear to qualify, the CCEDC will help with the application process and act as a liaison with the USDA official that works with the program. See this flyer for the basic information on the USDA 504 grant and loan program.

Leadership Development & Regional Collaboration 

The ongoing success throughout the Copper Corridor, will be dependent on building strong networks, ensuring regional communication and growing a base of leaders across the region.  Focus area includes:

  • Conducting the 2019 Valle del Sol Hispanic Leadership Academy (HLI-Copper Corridor)
  • Hosting one Valle del Sol HLI-Copper Corridor Reunion
  • Hosting a minimum of two Rural by Choice Forums (Topics determined following Rural Policy Forum & needs of region)

Hispanic Leadership Institute

The Hispanic Leadership Institute-Copper Corridor in launched in 2015, and has received support from the CCEDC since that time. Both the mayors of Globe and Superior are graduates of the Hispanic Leadership Institute-Copper Corridor program.

The Hispanic Leadership Institute-Copper Corridor (HLI-Copper Corridor) is an annual 10-week leadership institute to educate and assist individuals in developing their leadership skills to take an active role in the community by serving on a nonprofit/government board or commission. HLI-Corridor trains individuals, fosters civic engagement, and assists participants to realize their fullest potential as community leaders.

The mission of HLI-Copper Corridor is to promote individual development for increased participation in leadership roles and to serve as a principal education and networking resource for expertise and advocacy on leadership issues impacting Arizona communities. HLI-Copper Corridor proactively assists participants with tools and skills to prepare for leadership roles at the local level and beyond.

HLI-Copper Corridor is a competitive application process open to all individuals of diverse backgrounds.